Weymouth - Pre-School

In these units the children are above three years old. We work in partnership with the local educational authority so that our activities are complimentary to the work the children will cover when they start full time education.


We have been inspected by ofsted at both our nurseries and we were particularly pleased at the standards achieved, a formal report has been issued by the inspector which is available to any parents or carers to reference. it is important to note that with ofsted approval we are able to offer a real choice to parents/ carers who are requiring early years education for their children. In our pre-schools we are lucky enough to have a additional advantage of children being taught in small groups and having two members of staff for up to sixteen children.


We have a curriculum of activities aimed at achieving desirable outcomes in all the areas of learning which are considered to be essential and we go on walks as well as encouraging visits from members of the local community.


Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child’s development and to offer their own ideas in order that we can develop the nursery and its activities to suit individual requirements. We offer details of children’s progress, records and observation sheets for each child being readily available at the nursery.